Great Lessons You Can Learn From Los Angeles Movers

parking spots the pool the workout center like everything is jousts cute I can’t wait like I can’t wait to go sewing in that pool I’m definitely gonna be spending a lot of time then I’m gonna show you guys later on because when we were like exploring the building and stuff we didn’t bring our cameras but if you follow me on snap chat then you did get a sneak peek of everything it’s gorgeous.

like I can’t believe it that’s Los Angeles Movers our place I can’t believe that we’re here it feels so good right now we’re gonna actually go to the Grove because we are both craving so much food like I don’t even know what I want do I want a breakfast food I want like Chinese food I don’t know but we’re gonna go to the Grove get some food and then we’re going to go IKEA pick up our furniture you just haves lot to do today the only thing about our apartment it has a mini fridge it doesn’t have like a full fridge and like I thought the mini fridge.

it was little bit bigger than like what it actually is but it’s so small so we’re definitely gonna have to like those what are you shopping it’s a kind of tolerant granite yeah but it’s perfect for like what we can afford and it being downtown La and then having a pool of workout center probably parking like it’s really nice yeah it’s very modern and -everything is brand new like so it’s good for us and when I’d be like the biggest place but that’s we can deal with that for the first yea rand then next year we’ll see you know.

if you wanna stay we want to go somewhere I’m in love with it so far very very happy had to be here just feeling like super positive vibes and like looking at the mountains right now is just like this is our home like I can’t believe fittingly you did so this has been the longest day of outlives we are currently sitting in Au-haul truck yet to rent a u-haul truck because we didn’t realize that IKEA doesn’t deliver after like they’re cut off if you want to have them deliver.

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